CellResearch Corp owns and manages GlobalCord – A register containing data from all the umbilical cord lining tissues that have been privately banked with our partners.

Parents who have banked their baby’s cord tissue with our partners can log in to the registry to access full information on their banked sample.

Doctors who wish to use a patient’s cord lining stem cells for therapy, can only use tissue that is registered in GlobalCord. So to ensure that your cord lining tissue will be available to you if you need it in the future, ensure that you bank it with one of our partners and that your tissue is registered in GlobalCord!

Guarantee: GlobalCord will always remain available to the registered owner of all cord tissue samples that have been entered into the registry, regardless of the future status of the partnership between CellResearch Corp and the cord blood bank the physical sample is stored at.


Disclaimer: CellResearch Corp has no control over the physical storage of the umbilical tissues stored with our partners. Being registered in GlobalCord does not guarantee the quality nor availability of the physical sample.

Visit GlobalCord here.