While growing the stem cells in culture media, the cells will excrete proteins, growth factors, and other nutrients into the media making it a potent serum. After incubating the stem cells in a petri dish, the cells are removed from the media, and what remains is our Cell-Free Conditioned Media. This cell-free conditioned media has proven to have remarkable properties, and we have discovered several uses for it.

While research and product development is continuously ongoing, we have so far developed the cell-free conditioned media into:

  • CALECIM®, which is cosmetic GMP compliant

  • CORLINEX®, which is pharmaceutical GMP approved for human use

  • CORDVET, which is approved for animal use

The discovery of both the umbilical cord lining stem cells and the conditioned media has led to valuable Intellectual Properties and the company now holds strong patents worldwide.

CordLabs Pte Ltd and CordLabs Asia Pte Ltd supports the umbilical cord tissue banking industry, which allows parents to bank the cord lining of their baby’s umbilical cord. CordLabs owns and manages the Global Cord Registry where banked cord lining tissues will be registered. The GCR functions as a guarantee for physicians that registered cord tissue samples are harvested and stored with our proprietary technology and is safe and legal to use for therapy.

CALECIM® is a skin care company based on CALECIM®.