As stem cells grow in culture media, they secrete proteins, growth factors, and other nutrients into the media. After the stem cells are removed from the media, what remains is Cell-Free Conditioned Media.

Research and Development of the Cell Free Conditioned media has led to the formulation of the following:  

  • CALECIM®, which is cosmetic cGMP compliant

  • CORDVET, which is formulated for use in animals.

The discovery of both the umbilical cord lining stem cells and the conditioned media has led to valuable Intellectual Properties and the company now holds strong patents worldwide.

CordLabs Pte Ltd and CordLabs Asia Pte Ltd license Cord Lining Stem Cell banking technology to Cord Blood Banks, allowing parents the option of banking this precious Cord Lining Stem Cell resource at the same time Cord Blood is collected for banking. CordLabs owns and manages Global Cord which registers and holds records of all banked samples to ensure that the collected Umbilical Cord Lining has been harvested and stored using proprietary techniques to ensure the highest standards. Only Cord Lining Stem Cells registered with Global Cord can be used for therapy.

CALECIM® is the active ingredient found in CALECIM® Cosmeceuticals, a skin care company wholly owned by CellResearch Corporation.