Patent family “Isolation of Stem/Progenitor Cells from Amniotic Membrane of Umbilical Cord” 


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Patent family “Isolation and Cultivation of Stem/Progenitor Cells from the Amniotic Membrane of Umbilical Cord and uses of Cells Differentiated Therefrom”


Granted Patents

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Make an informed choice. Select a cord banking service that is licensed to offer complete coverage for all stem cell therapies derived from your stored cord. 

Umbilical cord lining tissue banked by non-licensed cord blood banks may not provide the stem cell yield or quality that CellResearch Corporation’s proprietary and patented protocols can provide — this may affect its suitability for future therapeutic use. In addition, these blood banks and medical institutions that offer CellResearch Corporation's patented protocols — which include ALL cord lining stem cell therapies — are at risk of patent infringement. 

GlobalCord is operated bv CellResearch Corporation and its partners. Umbilical cords banked through GlobalCord are covered by CellResearch Corporation’s patent licensure