Cord Banking is a part of our business that is handled by our subsidiary, CordLabs and her subsidiary CordLabs Asia. Through CordLabs and CordLabs Asia we have partnered with cord blood banks to offer banking facilities for parents who wish to bank their baby’s umbilical cord lining tissue. We have licensed out our proprietary technology to a few selected cord blood banks in order to ensure that our technology is used correctly and that we have the capacity to provide the best service to each and every client. We are confident when the time comes for the cord lining cells to be used in clinical therapies, only tissue collected by our licensed cord blood banks have the optimal quality, robustness and numbers. The cord blood banks provide the collection, preparation, and storage of the tissue, while CordLabs performs the tissue verification and biomarker testing to ensure that the banked tissue is indeed viable for any potential future stem cell therapy. All licensees and their clients will form part of a larger network of Cord Lining Stem Cell registry known as the Global Cord Registry (GCR).

We are continuously expanding, and will be adding more territories to our list of partners soon. To date, we have licensed cord tissue members covering;



Hong Kong