The largest organ in the human body is the skin, which is a living, breathing organ, constantly in growth and regeneration. Underlying cells grow to replace the old ones that are shed. As we age, the stem cell activity and ability to grow and maintain new cells will reduce. This may lead to visible signs of ageing, like saggy skin, wrinkles, and age spots. Our formulated stem cell treatment can optimally increase skin texture and firmness, decrease pigmentation and improve overall skin health.


As the skin ages, the intrinsic stem cell activity is decreased, resulting in the skin losing its fluid content and fullness, along with loss of subcutaneous fat cells. Volume decrease with loss of skin elasticity results in sagging of skin, and the appearance of fine crepe-like lines and wrinkles. Reduced stem cell activity also results in decreased skin cell turnover and persistence of cells damaged by ultraviolet rays or other detrimental environmental factors.


Application of the protein from stem cells has been found to improve skin texture and firmness, decrease pigmentation, and overall, improve skin health.